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    "I have known DeeDee Rescher's work since my days of directing soap operas. She did a year on Santa Barbara with me, and emerged again as the annoying neighbor, with Bryan Cranston playing her husband, on King of Queens. She was a delight to work with every time. Aside from her bountiful comedic talent, the intelligence to know how every scene should be played, and the skill to make it real and entertaining, her extra gift is her infectious joy in the work. DeeDee is gifted, attractive, funny, bright and vibrant."

    - Rob Schiller, director/producer, King of Queens


    "It is my sublime joy to describe and recomend DeeDee Rescher to you. As the Artistic Director of the Laguna Playhouse, a professional LORT theater in Laguna Beach, California, I have had the pleasure of directing DeeDee three times in leading roles in main stage productions here: once as "Gertrude" in our hit production of Steve Martin's comedy The Underpants, and again in the lead role of "Annie" in our highly praised world premiere production of Richard Dresser's more dramatic The Pursuit of Happiness and most recently as three characters in Michael Hollinger's Red Herring. I hope to work with her again and again. Audiences, critics and fellow actors love her. DeeDee brings her excellent experience (see: preparation) and special talents to every moment she performs, be it in meetings, auditions, rehearsal or performance. She has remarkable staying power as a stage actress, and she has more lasting energy and performance integrity than anyone I know - the last performance, even in longer runs, is as fresh as the first. Finally, she is great company. She is a no-nonsense workhorse, but she manages to create a joyful frame of mind in everyone around her. And that laugh. I can't recommend anyone more highly."

    - Andrew Barnicle, artistic director, Laguna Playhouse


    "I've had the pleasure of directing DeeDee on numerous radio commercials over the past ten years. In working with her, I discovered that she is a fantastic voice actress with an amazing range. DeeDee is always professional and an absolute delight in and out of the studio. In a perfect world, I would hire DeeDee on every project that I produce."

    - Jeff Howell, VP of Production, World Wide Wadio


    "I first saw DeeDee Rescher about five years ago when I was producing the animated Internet series Forty & Shorty. I was searching for a very out-of-the-ordinary voice, auditioning lots of actresses. One day I ran into Gary Hart (President of domestic TV, Paramount), who told me about this amazing whisky-voiced actress who he rememered from an episode of Almost Perfect. So I saw DeeDee and he was right. There is no other voice like hers in the Western hemisphere. She voiced two roles for me in every episode for two years. She is great to work with and very talented. We worked together again the following year on a comedy show idea that she and partner Teresa Ganzel pitched to me. We creative, wrote and produced a very funny comedy series concept that is still in the works. I was blown away with DeeDee's personality, comedic abilities and creativity. I am eagerly looking forward to our continuing professional relationship."

    - Claude Brooks, C To The B Productions

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     Theatrical Representation

    David Moss Company

    733 N. Seward St., Penthouse

    Hollywood, California 90038

    agent: David Moss



    Commercial Representation

    Susan Nathe & Associates

    8281 Melrose Avenue

    Los Angeles, California 90046



    Voiceover Representation


    9201 W. Olympic Blvd.

    Beverly Hills, California 90212



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